IMPORTANT INFORMATION

Although La Manzanilla has a cell phone tower, reception is iffy. Depending on your carrier and the time of day you may be able to
send and receive calls. Experienced travelers in Mexico prefer to buy an inexpensive pay-as-you-go cell phone in Mexico. There
are kiosks in the larger cities.
There are many internet wireless service locations, two with computers,  in town and also in nearby Melaque.

La Manzanilla is a cash-only village, as are most of the surrounding cities. The closest bank (Banamex) with an ATM is in Melaque.
It is suggested that you change your money at the banks in Cihuatlan or Melaque. The exchange rate is pretty good. You have to
travel to Manzanillo to find large enough stores that take credit cards.

You are in the tropics and there is a large mangrove lagoon at the north end of town. Mosquitoes, cockroaches and other insects
are a fact of life. A very good insect repellent is highly recommended. Keep all food picked up and areas clean to not attract
cockroaches or tiny sugar ants. Mosquitoes show up often at dusk, like the shadows under tables and awnings during the day,
and tend to like to snack on ankles and legs. A good anti-itch medication is also recommended.

Tap water in La Manzanilla is fairly safe as the city pours a lot of disinfectant into the water. However, for your intestinal comfort it
is still recommended that you drink only bottled water, let all dishes dry thoroughly after washing, and brush teeth using bottled

La Manzanilla is currently on
septic systems. The sewer system is in process of being completed. As a result it is very, very
that where ever you use the toilet you must only flush human waste. ALL PAPER PRODUCTS must be discarded into
waste cans provided, otherwise the septic systems will plug and back up! You probably don't want that memory as part of your
vacation. CASA SHANTI is now on the sewer system but please note paper info above.