Some other activities in the area are hiking, biking, horseback riding and
some of Mexico's best golf courses like the ones at the El Tamarindo or
Isla Navidad resorts. You can even walk the flat beach several miles
north to the little village of Boca Iguana. Scuba diving trips can also be
arranged for about $50 per person.
You can also sign up with one of the local tour guides and discover the
natural wonders of
La Manzanilla and the Central Coast of Mexico. You
can take a guided tour into the local tourist attraction: the nearby
mangrove lagoon where you can see many well-fed crocodiles, heron,
ibises, egrets and kingfishers. This is truly an exciting nature adventure.
The crocodiles can also be viewed close up at the north end of the main
street, Maria Ascunsion.
This area has many activities for water lovers of all kinds. It has great
fishing including tuna, dorado, jack, and sailfish. It also provides safe
harbor for many sailboats and power yachts. The snorkeling, swimming
and diving in the area are excellent and the warm water is perfect for a
relaxing float or scuba diving in nearby Melaque. Guided kayak and Bay
tours are available. The Bay is visited by dolphins and humpback whales.
Hours can be spent just watching the local pelicans and cormorants dive
for fish.
Occasionally locals also offer jet ski rentals and rides on a "banana
boat" pulled by a motor boat. About 40 minutes north is a bay where
surfing is usually good.
Good snorkeling is located at the south end of the beach. Under the
cliffs there are several circles of rocks that peak above the waterline.
You can see the rocks in several of the pictures on this website. For a
good day trip you can snorkel or scuba dive directly across the Bay at
the village of Tenacatita known for its excellent reefs, about a 30 minute
Excellent shopping can be found back south 20 minutes in either the
cities of Melaque or in the tourist town of Barra De Navidad. One
kilometer down on the right on the road to Barra is a water park.                
   Further south on Highway 200 is the largest port on the western
Mexican coast, the double-bayed city of Manzanillo. It is about an hour
and a half south by car, 45 minutes south of the airport, and has good
shopping, tourist activities and several malls.
The large city of Colima is about 2.5 hours away and has many cultural
and shopping opportunities. Not far to the east of that city is one of the
largest active volcanoes in Mexico.
For something different you can check out the warm geothermal pools
next to the river 20 minutes north of La Manzanilla on the main highway
at the little village of Agua Caliente.